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Baby Sleep Bags



Putting a baby to sleep comfortably is one of the top most things on a parent’s priority list. Even after the baby is put to sleep, we as parents have our minds set on the li’l one “Is she warm enough? Hope she is not feeling cold… is she still in her blanket or has she kicked it all away??“ the questions never stop !! We feel the need to check innumerable times even during the night as the li’l ones are always fidgety.

From my experience of being a mom, I can surely say that a good sound sleep for my baby was THE most important thing for me.

We, at KB understand this need of good sleep for babies and highly recommend sleep bags for 0-3 years. After 3, a child can be put comfortably in a blanket or quilt.

sleep bag               A bit about sleep bags:

  • Sleep bags are like blankets with zips/ fastners, so that babies do not kick them off or get suffocated.  Just make the li’l one wear a sleep bag and put her off to bed.
  • They are very comfortable for li’l ones, with no sheets or blankets to wriggle under. They keep them snug throughout their sleep.
  • They are also perfect for short or long trips as they provide a familiar environment for the baby to sleep.

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