About Us

Kadambaby(KB) is one of India’s leading brands in Kids’ essentials and home furnishings. The product range comprises of bedroom products, bathroom products, storage solutions, infant essentials as well as gifting ideas mainly for the age group 0-5 years.

All products at KB are made in India and special care is taken right from fabric selection to finishing of products to ensure best quality.

USP – Simple designs, child-friendly fabrics and products at a reasonable price.

From the Team:

We have always believed that kids also need a personalized space to call their own. It is a place where little Einstiens and Mozarts and Picassos are made.

Our aim is not only to create products which are attractive to kids, but which would also enhance their imagination and bring out their creative side.

So whether you are an expectant parent, a proud parent of a little one, or a friend/relative looking for an adorable gift, we are confident we will have something to appeal to all your tastes.

We welcome you to the ever-expanding world of kadambaby and hope you enjoy looking through our collections as much as we enjoyed putting them together. “

To know more about us, pls visit this.

Thank you and do let us know your feedback !!



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