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KB Events – Get the kids started early!

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They have a story to tell you

Children are naturally good at story telling. And so, they love it when you can spin a story around everything you want to share with them. Over-simulated almost from birth by smartphones, touch screens and videos, we can’t blame them if they are slowly getting addicted to the regular blast of colour, sound and music, and losing touch with their creative parts.

I was driving myself neurotic over how I can manage the fine balance between exposing my children to the virtual while keeping them in touch with the real. I wanted them to experience the same blast of colour, sound and music – but through something more organic.

That’s when I tried some bit of storytelling. It was amazing to see how my kids were responding to the sensory details I was recreating during the weekly afternoon sessions designed for them. I picked up small stories with simple concepts. We created a little party of sorts – called a couple of friends over along with their kids, rustled up a quick and simple dal-sabzi-roti lunch, and then snuggled up to listen to stories. Each single adult and child had a story up their sleeve – a childhood memory, a hand-me-down story passed on from a parent, a secret never shared with the kids until then.

It was fun. We even played “Spin-a-story’, where we all sat in a circle, and one person began with the first sentence that came to mind. Thereafter, people had to keep adding sentences to spin an entire story. It was lovely to see where you can reach with a single idea that someone else got you started on.


How about a dose of variety, creativity and autonomy for your child?

Have you ever smeared craft glue (read Fevicol) on your hands and spent some lovely time peeling them off after it dried? You know the feeling, right?

When my brother and I were growing up as kids, our mother ensured we discovered the joy and satisfaction of working with our hands. Ma gave us matchboxes, sticks, buttons and shoelaces. She let us stick and sew stuff together, cut up cardboard, bang nails into wood, punch holes, mix dough and heaven knows what else. She showed us the joy of having two hands and the magic we could create with them.

Children love using their hands and putting pieces together to see where it takes them; it’s a bit like storytelling, you know… and it is wonderful learning for parents when they see what they create, and how they go about doing it.

Making things should be at the very center of every child’s experience – that is what helps them develop their cognitive and problem-solving skills from early on.

Using our hands connects us to that wonderful one-pound thing between our shoulders- our brain. It helps us make faster connections. Brain researchers tell us that children retain more information when hands-on activities go along with any kind of learning. Now imagine the effect it will have on young minds, if we let them create stuff with their own two hands?


Such experiences with our little ones have motivated us in taking a step forward and sharing our ideas/ experiences and learnings with our fellow moms & their kids.

With the summer break coming up, what better time could it be to get your kids put on the thinking hats and have some fun !!

Check out the free storytelling and Do It Yourself crafts event being conducted in crosswords, Phoenix mall, Viman Nagar for the ages 3-6 years, on friday,  1st April, 2016. It will be conducted by experts in this field who have an experience of several years of working and learning with children and parents in the US and in India.

We look forward to having a fun evening with the little ones!!




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